I am the Chief Technology Officer of London music startup Songkick, and also Visiting Professor of Computer Science at the University of Leeds and an advisor to several tech startups. I am the proud father of my twin daughters Maddy and Lilly, and very lucky to be married to Helen.

In my spare time, I pursue my lifelong interest in narrow gauge railways.

About my name. My parents named me Dan Crow (well, technically Daniel Nicholas Crow). In 2009 I began the process of changing my surname to Quine. Earlier reference to are to Dan Crow, but it is now more common to find me using Dan Quine, my legal name in both the UK and the US.

Computer Science

Writing and thoughts about Computer Science - its underlying theories, why it is the cornerstone of the modern world, and what we should do about that.


Writing and interviews on the subject of entrepreneurship and startups.

Narrow gauge railways

Away from work, I pursue my lifelong love of narrow gauge railways


My career so far